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Why You Shouldn't Take VC Money As Much As You Want To

Let’s start this article with one fact: I do think venture capital has value. I think angel investor dollars have value. When it comes to startups that are cash intensive businesses, they can do a lot. But as someone who has now looked at thousands, if not tens of thousands of deals in his career, it’s very clear to me that it is becoming the default for young entrepreneurs.


3 Essential Team Building Exercises For All Startups

Having a team that works well is an essential component of any successful startup. Not only must team members trust each other and feel comfortable asking for help, but the group should also have a high level of cohesion or bonding. These group qualities correlate with positive outcomes, such as increased productivity as social psychology research  studies  have shown. Carefully chosen


4 Effective Lean PR Strategies For Your Startup

Since the release of Google's  Panda  and  Penguin  algorithm updates, public relations has taken center stage as an effective means of gaining visibility for business. A large number of commentators, most notably Forbes contributor  Ken Krogue  in his piece, "The Death of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, and Real Content," have noted the increased importance of PR in creating