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What Makes A Successful Startup Pitch?

One of the defining moments in any entrepreneur’s life is the day he or she has a successful meeting with an angel investor or a team of venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs describe this moment as “surreal” and “life-changing,” and it often means they’ve now become legitimate business professionals. It goes without saying that your business pitch must be unforgettable


Founders: Show Startup Team Appreciation

It's the nature of startups to be fast-paced. Employees work long hours, wear many hats, and often have to make payroll sacrifices until the business gets funding.   With all of these issues in play, it's no wonder that employee turnover is often high in startups. People get burned out, recruited to other companies, or work extremely hard for 2 years then take 6 months off.   


Make Your Freelance Career Thrive With Accountability

Being held accountable to someone is a powerful way for freelancers to stay on-task and deliver results. Accountability groups super-charge this process by expanding it to a group setting, where you’re held accountable to a number of people. Recently, LaunchableMag connected with Tony Bacigalupo and Susan Dorsch, coworking pioneers, and co-founders of  Cotivation , an accountability training