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Introducing MelpApp: Better Communications Through Advanced Collaboration

Especially during the early days of a startup, communication in business is key. Searching for sent files throughout multiple platforms, waiting on a team member for a conference call and sifting through various forms of communication for particular pieces of information is not only frustrating but negatively influences productivity. Running a business with offices spread throughout the world


Hiring The Right Team For Your Lean Startup

Lean startups face many challenges, from securing seed funding to creating marketable products and services to developing sound marketing plans. For many startups,  the number one challenge  is recruiting and hiring top talent. In fact, hiring the best people is really two related challenges: first, building a core of competent prospective employees and second, identifying those who


The Future Is Bright For All Freelancers!

Nearly 54 million Americans are doing freelance work. This is a cultural shift that  Freelancers Union  founder and executive director Sara Horowitz describes as “on par with the Industrial Revolution.” The way we work is changing, and freelancing has gone from a few fringe dwelling individuals to a mass movement of people who want more freedom, flexibility, and control