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Startups: Revitalize Your OnBoarding Process Today!

Every startup founder knows that the process of hiring a new team member can be both exhausting and rewarding. After sifting through scores (if not hundreds!) of resumes and LinkedIn profiles, contacting prospects to lure them away from their current jobs, and conducting dozens of interviews, it can be a huge thrill and relief to offer someone a job and have them accept. Despite devoting so


Startup Founders: How To Create A Team That's Right For You

Your entrepreneurial venture, while driven by your vision and ideas, needs staff to put those ideas into action. A startup that succeeds in building a team of talented individuals gives itself a great chance for succeeding in its objectives. Here's how you can recruit the best employees: Cast a wide net Recruiting talent through online placement agencies, college campuses, and newspaper


Dominate Your LinkedIn Presence With These 6 Tips

We've talked about  how to maximize your startup's LinkedIn profile , but what about your personal one? Many people only update their LinkedIn pages when job hunting, but if you're launching a startup or running a small business, keeping your personal LinkedIn accurate and up to date is an important role in adding to your company's legitimacy. Mark Zuckerberg hasn't spent much time on